Great looking, performance clothing doesn’t have to be manufactured at the expense of the planet we live in. VEOM cares about nature and sustainability so we created our activewear out of the highest possible quality sustainable Italian recycled polyester. The material involved is crafted from used plastic bottles and fishing nets, responsibly collected from the Atlantic Ocean.

When it comes to VEOM, rest-assured that we take into account every single process and material used at each stage of our leggings’ lifestyle. We can safely say that we minimize environmental impact on the planet

The result is a collection of outstanding performance leggings that look great and are completely environmentally friendly!

Our aim is to bring you outstanding comfort, high performance and a guilt-free conscience!

We strongly believe that the only way to conduct business in modern times is in an ethical manner.  We also believe that the whole supply chain must be sustainable, from initial design right through to shipment and even beyond.

Supply chain is more than just about using recycled fabric; it is about understanding the very creation of the product so that sustainability is firmly integrated into all stages of the product’s lifestyle


VEOM is an environmentally responsible brand so we make sure our high ethical standards are always met, throughout the process from choosing our fabric producers through to delivery to your doorstep so your leggings arrive in environmentally friendly packaging, using sustainable fulfillment and distribution

Our manufacturing partners are based in Europe and pay a fair wage. They don’t use child labor and protect their workers with proper health & safety regulations. We respect a work/life balance so our partners’ workers conduct a normal working day with reasonable hours and they don’t discriminated against race, sexual orientation, beliefs, disabilities or gender 

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