We are London-based creative environmentalists that love fashion but firmly believe in recycling, renovating and pure living. VEOM involves up-to-the-minute fabulously unique prints that are exciting and eye-catching. Our designs reflect our beliefs and what’s in-style too – a remarkable combination that really reflects the world we live in today.

Much like you, we care about the environment and we have created ethically manufactured leggings and sport bras that combine functionality and comfort so you will love to wear them! There’s no compromise on style, performance or sustainability!

The team behind VEOM had long been searching for the perfect pair of leggings, leggings with all the features they wanted. Some leggings looked great, uber-stylish and funky but they weren’t eco-friendly. Some leggings were excellent for performance-wear, breathable and odor-free but they didn’t inspire with fun prints or exciting designs. This left us with a dilemma. We had no leggings that ticked all our boxes! So we thought we’d make our own… and here we are today!


Our design process is a combination of advanced technology with inspiration taken from traditional arts.

All the unique prints utilize handmade watercolor painting techniques. We transfer them onto the fabric in a sustainable manner using sublimation printing technology which is entirely eco-friendly

Our sublime comfort comes from a unique method that we use to determine the best fit. To do so, we use a 3D modelling process involving simulation of pressure distribution from the leggings to the body. The result is outstanding comfort and brilliant fit so you achieve the ultimate performance you desire.

Our fabric really is the best possible sustainable polyester and we know this because we tested numerous different types of fabric made out of recycled yarn. We selected the very best available option.  It’s recycled polyester and elastane, vegan-friendly – entirely environmentally friendly!

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